Wednesday, July 15, 2015



It was a freezing cold and drizzly day so we didn't get out much, just to the library. I don't feel too guilty about this because Tim is taking the next couple of days off so he can be the fun parent!

Our cleaner came this morning (Jasmine commented that we now have a gardener and a cleaner! Makes us sound very posh, doesn't it) so I rushed around first trying to tidy a bit so he would have clear surfaces to clean. It's nice having a sparkling kitchen and bathrooms. Five minutes after the cleaner left Aiden raided the recycling box armed with a pair of scissors so the lounge no longer looks freshly vacuumed. Bits of cardboard everywhere.

We all did some colouring-in,


I was typing away when Tim called, firstly to say he would be home really late tonight (to make up for taking the next two days off) but secondly that he has practically been offered a move to Sydney, to a different section within his current government department. He asked for it months ago and things have been moving very slowly but it is suddenly looking like it might actually happen! Not absolutely certain yet. We've been wavering about moving to Sydney, partly because of the horrible house prices there - they have gone up 25% in the past year, but have decided to go for it if this is our chance. I am keen to move, I really want a change. Even if it is to a bigger more expensive city with more traffic and pollution! We'd be nearer family, and the beach, and all the conveniences and entertainments of a real city. And it has a much milder climate, usually, than here. As I feel my fingers and toes slowly freezing, even inside with ducted gas heating, that is a big plus for me right now! If it happens, it would be whenever Tim negotiates with his current boss. Three months? Jasmine would get to do her big dance concert here but still start her new High School along with everyone else, which I think is important.

Funny that the movie we saw yesterday, Inside Out, was about an eleven year old girl going through the trauma of moving to a new city...

I don't think I'll be ordering a new fridge in the next few days.

It's good the house is almost ready for sale. Except that stupid hole in the roof.

But I'm not counting on moving until it is certain.


Ok back to today. Oh yes, colouring-in:

Then the library to get a big stack of books, some unhealthy takeaway lunch, and an afternoon hanging around the house. More colouring-in, reading, watching some TV, I did some paperwork relating to dad's estate. No exercise, which is bad. And the lunch was unhealthy (fried chicken, and a few chips) but I am still kind of proud that I resisted a lot of other things all day - I really wanted to go out and buy some cake. The weather actually helped keep me away from my favourite cake shop! And couldn't be bothered baking one myself. A small win.

Report card:
Diet: Poor lunch, good the rest of the day.
Exercise: Poor.
Water: Poor.
Sleep: Poor.
Mental health: A bit overexcited right now.

That report card looks really bad, but maybe a few of the categories could be given a more generous "ok" rather than "poor". I don't really feel like I did that badly today. It was just a quiet day.


  1. A move sounds exciting! Good luck on that front. Stay warm - I'd send you some Texas heat if I could figure out how to bottle it up.
    Here in the US, we just call that activity 'coloring'. I love those little nuanced differences!

  2. Now I think about it, colouring-in is an odd phrase. But that is what I have always called it.