Thursday, July 16, 2015

What am I reading?


Aside from, I've been reading "The Anchoress" by Robyn Cadwallader, about a woman cloistered in one tiny room in a church (like a nun, but even more extreme); "Raising Steam" by Terry Pratchett (comedy fantasy); "Mr Wilkinson's Simply Dressed Salads" by Matt Wilkinson (cookbook); "It Was Me All Along" by Andie Michell (a memoir about spending her first twenty years morbidly obese); and "No Sweat" by Michelle Segar (about how to motivate yourself to exercise, just started that one, I think it can be summarised as "do something you love" but maybe she has more to say than that). I like to read, and I like to have a choice depending on my mood. Also regularly reading "New Scientist", "Women's Health" and two recipe magazines.

I didn't do much else but read today. I did the grocery shopping and came home weirdly exhausted and with my neck really stiff and sore. Hurts when I turn my head. Still fighting off those damn germs!

Luckily Tim was home to entertain the kids. He didn't get home until well after midnight last night, he is so contentious he tries to clear all his work before taking even two days off. It hardly seems worth it taking a couple of days off if he has to work so late, but anyway it's nice to have him home. In the afternoon he took the kids to the interactive science museum Questacon. I should have taken a nap but looked at Sydney houses online instead.

I didn't take good care of my starches today, and didn't exercise.

Report card:
Diet: Ok, but too many starchy carbs.
Exercise: Poor.
Water: Good.
Sleep: Good.
Mental health: Ok, I'm a bit sick of feeling sick and wondering if I should have exercised anyway. I could have walked around inside away from the biting cold.


  1. Talking about author... how's your book coming?

  2. I haven't done much work on it lately - time to get back into it when the kids go back to school on Monday.