Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A little cold can't stop me


I went to bed last night feeling ok, but during the night developed a throat tickle and blocked nose. In the morning I felt pretty awful. Cold or flu, we've all been there. This often happens when I make changes towards health, although this time there was no over-strenuous exercise and I didn't try to cut out caffeine or sugar so I don't know why. Probably all psychological - I just resist healthy efforts by saying "I can't diet/exercise, I'm sick!" Not this time.

By mid-morning I felt well enough to go out and do the grocery shopping. It was freezing! I don't know how my husband rides his bike to work every day, and he goes much earlier than I was out. My hands hurt from the cold. I bought lots of healthy food, no junk. Later in the day the tiler came to fix the roof, and then I remembered I needed to exercise so I went out for a walk. Now the warmest part of the day, it was still so cold and I didn't feel well so I cut the time down to 15 minutes. Saw some pretty Sulphur Crested cockatoos, hanging out with pigeons and one Major Mitchell cockatoo (the pink and grey one). There was a rainbow lorikeet too but it flew away before I got close enough to take a picture.

Came home for some hot vegetable soup.

The hardest part of the day was when a friend came over so our kids could play. I had some of the cheese and crackers, and strawberries, that I provided but there were also yummy biscuits that I didn't feel were healthy for me at this time. I managed to resist, and the others polished them off before I could give in to cravings. It was my friend who is a nutritionist, and we talked about my Vitamin B12 deficiency and looked at my results from earlier tests and how they hadn't tested for that (even though I've complained of being always tired for several years), so she thinks I could have had this problem for a while. She thinks I should forget the tablets and ask for the injections straight away! But I'll stick with my doctor's advice, if the tablets work then I won't need monthly injections for the rest of my life.

When Tim got home he said he isn't feeling well either, although he refuses to get sick. I hope we can both shake it off quickly.

Report card:
Diet: Excellent.
          Breakfast: Two poached eggs, one toast with butter. Fresh tomato. Tea.
          Morning snack: Banana.
          Lunch: Two lamb chops. Lebanese cucumber. Vegetable soup.
          Afternoon snack: Camembert cheese and crackers. Strawberries. Vegetable soup. Tea. Peppermint tea.
          Dinner: Peanut beef with Asian vegetables. Quinoa.
I feel like I'm getting a good balance including lots of fruit and vegetables.
Exercise: Good, considering I'm not feeling well.
Water: Excellent. Eleven glasses.
Sleep: Ok.
Mental health: Ok.


  1. Hope your cold clears up fast !

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  2. You do so much better when I'm not commenting LOL Sorry I read all your posts but was a little restrain on time and internet to comment... but really Natalie what is going on? you are doing so GREAT, I'm so glad for you, keep at it lady you'll see result soon :)

    1. Well I've already lost 1.5 kilograms in two days! Problem is it's my birthday tomorrow...