Monday, June 8, 2015



Not much happened today. It was a long weekend and I had a handyman lined up to be here all day (we both knew it was a public holiday) but he ended up postponing. I was really tired and kind of zombied through the morning, played games with the kids in the afternoon.

One of my back teeth is a little sore and wiggles which can't be good. I need to book in to see a dentist, I haven't for two years. My old dentist left the clinic and I didn't like the new one. She didn't believe I flossed regularly which made me mad because I do at least twice a day - I just have some tricky gaps. And she kept pushing for procedures I didn't want so I'd book (to avoid standing up to her) then cancel. Three or four times in a row.  So I'll start going where I take my kids. They mostly do children's teeth but the dentist said they are happy to take adults too. And she should be used to nervous patients!

On the up side, my shoulder is great. Not troubling me at all. I just need to keep working on getting mobility back.

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