Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One step forward


Tim has an interview for that job in Norfolk Island! So things are moving forward, slowly. It's not until next week. Which will leave exactly two more weeks before the proposed start date! And he presumably won't even be told on that day, they have to do all the paperwork, and then he has to give some notice to his current work if he gets this job, and I just can't imagine how they expect someone to start on 1 July. That was the date on the job description, but maybe it's going to be put back. We are trying to be as ready as we can be, just in case, but moving a couple of thousand kilometres with less than two weeks notice? Insane.

This morning I was lying awake stressing that we're not ready to start packing yet; until the studio floor is put down and our curtains are replaced and the handyman has been next week, we don't have anywhere to put packing boxes. All these people need access to various bits of the house so we can't clutter it up with boxes. But now I realise that all this stuff will likely be done before we hear about the job anyway! Everything except the curtains is now organised for next week, which is great. I'm trying not to stress too much, it's difficult.

The really good part of all this is that it's forced me to stop procrastinating and get all these things done!

I always put off buying new jeans (and most other clothes) for a long as possible because I always hope I will lose some weight and go down a size first. But both my blue and black jeans are starting to give at the seams, and they are basically what I wear every day, so today I went and bought two new pairs. I don't actually have them yet, I always have to get them taken up because I am short. But I did all the trying on and choosing and paying for bit, and they will be ready in a couple of days. Sigh. Maybe next time I can go down a size.

I made myself go out for a short walk today. I forgot to mail a letter when I was out shopping, so I walked to the nearest post box, about a 15 min round trip. It's a start. Then I had a nap. I've been trying not to nap because I worry I'll sleep even worse at night, but the past two days I've been unable to resist. Less than an hour each time, because my children get home from school.

I'm writing this on my iPad because my computer has stopped working, blinking off as soon as it turns on. Ironically, the TV was doing the same thing until we threatened it with the repair shop. I still have to thump it a couple of times some days. I haven't tried thumping my computer yet.

Report card:
Diet: Ok. Better.
Exercise: Ok. A short walk, and with shopping I'm nearly to 9,000 steps.
Water: Ok.
Sleep: Poor.
Mental health: Mostly good.

Better than yesterday! I've very excited that at least we have an interview.


  1. That is great about the interview! I hope everything goes smoothly.

    1. Thanks Martha. It feels like a good step forward to at least knowing.

  2. Good job Natalie! you are coming back toward the light... and soon toward the lite :)

    I have been in situation when all the balls are in the air and most of them are out of your control, the trick is to focus on the one you can control, don't worry too much, soon enough you'll see where every thing land. I don't know why we stress with this as it doesn't matter, we made the best with what we get, don't we?

    1. Thanks Richard. Worrying really doesn't do any good, does it? Plan for what we can, and let the rest go... but I'm having a lot of trouble with that.

  3. Best of luck to him on the interview! And 9,000 steps is a pretty good day. Way to go!

    1. Thanks Rachel. I was pretty happy with 9,000 steps, some of my days at home have been a quarter of that!