Saturday, June 27, 2015


Saturday (written Sunday):

I spent the entirety of Saturday watching Dancesport. That is competition ballroom dance, everything from pretty waltzes to energetic jive. But nothing modern like hip hop or contemporary dance. They have a big competition here every year and we have been going for a while, in fact Tim's cousin used to compete. Tim took the kids out to shop for birthday presents for me for a while, and we all went out for dinner then came back for the evening finals and professional exhibition dance, but I was sitting in that seat for eight and a half hours!

I took quite a few pictures, but apparently an iPhone 4S wasn't really up to the task of taking clear pictures of swiftly moving objects!

Despite spending most of the day sitting, I got in nearly 9,000 steps and 22 flights of stairs. We were down in the second row and had to climb frighteningly steep stairs to the top to get to the toilets and food outlets (you can see the start of the steep stairs in that second photo). My thighs got really sore from the climbing, and this morning I feel like I spent yesterday doing too many squats. I had some unhealthy snacks, and fried fish for lunch, but I also took along fruit and water and we went out for a proper dinner so I didn't do terribly. And I really enjoyed the day.

Report card:
Diet: Tick, nothing after 8. Otherwise poor.
Exercise: Not sure if I get a tick for this one as I didn't do any "deliberate exercise" but I climbed all those stairs! So good exercise overall.
Water: Tick, I think. It was hard to keep track, with the kids sharing my water bottles. But I think I did.
Sleep: Tick, and ok.
Mental health: Good. But I am running out of time to do my meditations. Let feel some extra stress over that, shall we?

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