Friday, June 26, 2015

We return to our normal programming


I've been talking a lot about other stuff going on in my life (which I don't apologise for, it's my blog!) but I am going to try to talk more about the health stuff. This is primarily supposed to be a weight loss blog, and I need to work on losing some weight, so that is probably what I should talk about.

I'm feeling very out of control with food at the moment. Indulging in whatever, whenever; giving in to impulses. I'm not sure how to halt this free-fall.

On the up side, I went for another walk today. Another nice sunny day, I didn't even need a jumper. Much. Only wished for one when I was in the shade.

We got our TV back today, which means Foxtel but also Xbox games. With my shoulder better, I can try dance again. Sometime. At the moment even getting out for a walk is a big effort.

I hate being all grim and gloomy and whiney but that is how I feel a lot of the time just now. Still struggling to get enough sleep, to fuel myself with healthy food, to get my body moving. I'm tired and have a sore throat. No wonder I feel sluggish and sad. I'm relying on calories and caffeine to keep going. But at least I am keeping my little promises.

Report card:
Diet: Tick, no food after 8. Otherwise poor.
Exercise: Tick. Ok.
Water: Tick. Good.
Sleep: Tick. But poor.
Mental health: Poor. I need to get onto my promise of doing two meditations in this week.

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