Friday, June 5, 2015



This morning I was so tired. I guess from all the emotion of the last few days and the driving and I haven't been sleeping well even with my CPAP all night. I got through a busy day, though. I had a physio appointment in the morning and my shoulder is a lot better. It barely hurt during the long days in the car which is a big change from just a couple of weeks ago. All those massages are doing me good! Then I did the grocery shopping, and in the afternoon saw the man who is going to give me a quote about re-flooring our studio. I still have a long "to-do" list, but I'm gradually getting things done.

Unfortunately when I was shopping I somehow forgot Jasmine had ballet tonight (as she does every Friday) and I didn't buy anything that could be cooked quickly when we got home or else slow-cooked throughout the day. So I got take-away chicken on the way home. Not ideal. And for once I actually didn't even want fast food! After eating bland small-town food for three days I really wanted home cooking. But it was freezing and I was so tired and we were all hungry and we would have been eating too late. I bought our normal amount and it all went very quickly with everyone wanting more. I had to give some of my share to the kids. At least I didn't get to overeat. But it was probably the cold making us all feel like we were starving.

Not even sure how I feel today, emotionally. Too tired to think about it. But I can be glad my shoulder is much better.

We have a three day weekend now. A skip (big rubbish bin) has been delivered so we can fill it up over the weekend, all the stuff not good enough to go to the Salvos. But I also intend to do some relaxing.


  1. One day at the time Natalie, you had a load of stressed in the past few months, you have a lot of resting to catch-up with. I know I say that often but for the soul and not for the exercise, a nice slow walk, if it's cold just wear warmer cloths, it will do you a lot of good! And don't forget, you also have one game of Throne to catch with :)

  2. Thinking of you... and I think Richard has left some very good thoughts for you too.

    All the best Jan