Monday, June 15, 2015

I hate you George R R Martin


Oh boy watched the finale of Game of Thrones today, no spoilers but I hate you George R R Martin I hate you Game of Thrones you suck. I'll never watch you again and now I have to wait until next April for the next season and Martin hasn't even written the next bit yet? Arg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I need to re-read the most recent couple of books because the series has diverged quite a bit.

Last night I was feeling quite nauseated when I went to bed so I didn't wear my CPAP - it doesn't team well with nausea - and I had the best night's sleep for weeks! I woke today feeling refreshed and happy. I did the shopping this morning and had no urge to buy any junk food. Life suddenly seemed so much easier. Bit tired in the afternoon but one good night can't undo weeks of bad sleep, overall much better. And that is even though I've had some ... digestive distress, shall we call it, today.

I checked my Fitbit stats first thing, curious to see what they showed. And the computer said "did you forget to log your sleep?" It usually does that automatically, I don't know if it goes by movement or heart rate or both, but last night it didn't even recognise that I went to sleep at all! What the? So I put in the times I was in bed, and the pattern of restlessness was very similar to previous nights, perhaps a little better. So I have no idea why the Fitbit didn't recognise it as sleep, or why my sleep felt so much better.

I called my sleep clinic and at first couldn't get an appointment until next week but then got a cancellation this afternoon, which was lucky. Checking my CPAP was the obvious first step. At first the sleep doctor was flummoxed because the stats showed the CPAP is working perfectly, there is minimal leakage so I don't need a new head-strap (mine is slightly stretched but not enough to be worth spending the money for a new one - I thought $25 plus $33 postage and handling from the US was bad but he charges $90! Just for the strap! He said he was embarrassed to charge so much but that is basically what they cost him), I've been using my CPAP consistently, no reason for my poor sleep. But then he looked back a bit further and saw that I only started using it consistently for around three months (since my promise in April) and the light bulb went off. Because I hadn't used it much for a while before then, I counted as a new user at that point and a certain percentage of people have this problem at around the two or three month point. The body adapts or something. It's like when I start drinking more water, my body realises water is available and I get thirsty all the time. When I started getting more air via my CPAP, after a couple of months my body realised more air is available and starts craving even more! I'm trying to suck in more air than the CPAP is giving me. Weird, huh? The doctor has given me a different CPAP to use for a couple of weeks to get readings then they can readjust mine to what I need now. It will be great if this works and I can sleep properly again. Even in the meantime, this new one should help. Mine was set on a steady pressure of 10, this one will vary between 9 and 16 as I have a sleep apnoea event and need a burst of air.

I wonder if this has happened before, and contributed to me slacking off on using my CPAP several times over the past year?

Report card:
Diet: Good. Much better today.
Exercise: Poor. Still none.
Water: Ok. Still two to go, but I think I can manage that before bedtime.
Sleep: Ok. Better!
Mental health: Good.


  1. Yes make it easy Natalie, if you don't buy the junk in the first place, it will be easy to not have junk later at home. After a few days or week, when you have brake from the junk's hands, it gets even easier.

    One more thing that is easy... walking! Set some YOU time to do so. Give yourself a goal, let say 3,000 steps and go out and do it, you can do that, right? This might take about 25 minutes at a good pace and you know what, it's all you need. At least 4 times a week. For it to be the most beneficial, It has to be continue.

    Ahhhhhh can'T wait to watch this season of Game of Thrones, you are bad... now all I want is to watch the last episode which is playing now, it's driving me nuts!!!

  2. Yes I need to start up walking again. And I need my husband to catch up on Game of Thrones so I can talk about it with him. I'm giving myself a hernia trying to hold in all the secrets!

  3. Thank you for not spoiling GOT. Hubby and I won't get to watch it until tonight. Urgh!

    I agree on walking being a great exercise that's easy and free. When I started, I set a goal of walking only 15 minutes. I've worked my way up to over an hour a day now and really look forward to it.