Friday, June 12, 2015



If yesterday was all sitting at home, today made up for it with a million errands. I was running around all day. I thought I would have some time at home but then got a call that one box hadn't been ticked on my son's passport application (interviewer's fault, not mine) so I take in some documents I'd already provided. Annoying. One other errand was frustrating at the time but turned out kind of interesting.

I'd decided I just had time to drop in and pay the deposit for the flooring we are getting installed next week, between picking up a book from the library and going to my physio appointment. I only had a few minutes to spare but I figured if there was a queue I'd just leave and come back later or another day. I was able to park nearly out front, and only put 10 cents in the parking metre, giving me 3 minutes. The store was empty save for two staff, perfect. The man who I'd been dealing with throughout the quote process wasn't there, so I was served by a fairly elderly man. Who was sloooooow. And didn't seem that keen on the whole technology thing, you know, computers and credit card machines and such. He passed my credit card through the machine every way except the right one, despite my helpful suggestions, and couldn't understand why he couldn't get it to work. He asked what day the flooring was being installed as he peered at his screen. Next Thursday, I said, the 18th. He couldn't find it. It's there on the invoice, I said, pointing. Still couldn't see it, as he scrolled around. Finally found it. Possibly realised he didn't actually need that information.

I'd remained standing so far, but now he invited me to sit while he carefully wrote me out a receipt, by hand. Slowly. Then printed out the computer receipt. Ambled to the printer to get it. Found the print-out from the credit card machine. Stapled them all together. Held it out. My intestines were wound pretty tight by this stage, I was calm and polite on the outside (to be fair I never said I was in a hurry) but knowing my parking would have expired (and Canberra parking officers are notoriously strict) and I was going to be late for physio. So I jumped to my feet and took the receipt. Or tried to. He wouldn't let go. He held tightly to it so he could point out various important notations. The total price. What I had paid. How much was left to pay. The fossilised remains of his last client's will to live. I thanked him, managed to wrench it out of his zombie hand, and leapt into action.

I kind of wish I could have seen his face, it might have been amusing. I went from a standing start into a sprint. I literally ran across the store to the door, ripped it open and ran down the street to my car, and sped off (not actually breaking the speed limit, or course). Luckily didn't get a parking fine, and made it to my appointment not noticeably late. But the funny thing was I really enjoyed sprinting out of the store. I have a mental image of this old guy gawping after me. Ah, the young kids of today, no patience.

Report card:
Diet: Ok. But I see chocolate in my near future.
Exercise: Ok. No deliberate exercise, but I moved around a lot today.
Water: Ok.
Sleep: Poor.
Mental health: Ok.

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  1. "The fossilised remains of his last client's will to live" ha ha ha ha
    Why do you put only Ok for exercise, you sprint out of the store, right? It must count for something.

    YOUR FUTUR TALKING HERE: Oh no Natalie you didn't see right, I was showing you carrots and celery! Don't get trick by the wrong side of your brain!