Sunday, June 14, 2015



I was so exhausted today I wondered if I was coming down with something. But I don't think so. Just a particularly bad night in a long string of bad nights. I will call first thing Momday morning to make an appointment with the sleep doctor, so that I can see if the CPAP machine is involved or at least rule that out. I'm feeling as bad now as I did at the worst of my sleep apnoea before I got the machine.

I don't need to get to bed earlier or spend any more time in bed, I'm generally in bed for 8 or 9 hours. And I get to sleep ok. But then I wake a lot, and toss and turn, and I'm restless during periods I thought I was asleep (according to my Fitbit). And so I'm exhausted all day.

My shoulder is good now, so it's not pain keeping me awake. Stress might contribute, but I'm not aware of thinking about anything in particular while I lie awake. I'm hoping it's just that the CPAP needs adjustment because that is fixable!

I spent a lot of the morning in bed trying to nap, after the sleepover guests went home, but it wasn't really working. Even if I do have a nap during the day it's rarely more than 20 or 30 minutes. At least I got to lie there for a couple of hours with my mind blank. Aiden crawled in with me for a while and we discussed the difference between helicopters and jump jets. Didn't help me nap, but I did enjoy the cuddle.

I've started a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign for the kids. I stopped playing months ago when I got sick of it after ten years of weekly play, but the kids really enjoy it so I've agreed to a family game. We're using the new 5th Edition rules so there is a bit of a learning curve for all of us even me and Tim. It's quite fun, I enjoy being the Dungeon Master (DM) who runs the game and controls the story and the monsters.

Report card:
Diet: Ok. Had some sleepover leftovers.
Exercise: Terrible. One of the least active days of my entire life.
Water: Terrible.
Sleep: Terrible.
Mental health: Ok. Hoping for a solution to my sleep problems soon.

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