Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time limit


I went for a walk this morning so I got half an hour of genuine exercise in. The best I've done for weeks. We had heavy fog this morning that burned off later to reveal a clear and relatively warm winter's day so I took advantage of it. I also did some thinking while I walked and decided on a three step plan about where we are going to live (subject to husbandly approval, of course, but I think he will like it).

1) Decide whether Sydney is included in places we want to live, or not. We've been wavering about this and need to make a decision. It is the most likely place for Tim to find a good job aside from where we are now. I've talked about the many pros and cons before; family, traffic, climate etc. I'm currently leaning towards a yes.

2) Set a fairly short time limit, maybe four to six months, on finding a job outside Canberra; whether that is in Sydney or somewhere away from the big cities.

3) If we get to the end of that time limit, towards the end of this year, without good prospects of a job elsewhere, then we commit to our current location in Canberra for another ten years or so. Buy a bigger house or else do a knock-down rebuild on this block, and settle in. 

We are sick of not knowing where we are going to live, not being able to make long term plans. We started to think about moving away from here about five years ago, and have therefore put a lot of things off because of not knowing if we'd even be in this city. Schools, renovations, even whether to buy a new TV or not! I want to set a time limit then make a commitment.

Report card:
Diet: Tick, no food after 8. Otherwise poor to ok.
Exercise: Good.
Water: Good.
Sleep: Tick, kept the CPAP on. Ok sleep, not great.
Mental health: Good.

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  1. I can relate to that feeling of uncertainty about where you'll live. We're starting to enter that phase again as we don't know where my husband will end up after finishing his apprenticeship.
    Way to go on getting a proper walk in!