Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wait, weight and weights


We are settling in to wait for news about the possible year on Norfolk Island. Surely they must notify people soon if they want a 1st July start! Unless there is already someone doing the job and they plan to keep them another year but had to do all the job selection process to make it "fair" and official... Government work can be like that.

After much thought and discussion, Tim has also applied for a suitable job that came up in Sydney. On balance, we decided that we would still rather move than stay. It wasn't an easy choice at all, there are many pros and cons to each side. But jobs at Tim's level are few and far between at the moment so it seemed right to at least apply.

I weighed in for my 4th month of my six month dietbet this morning.  83.2 kg. Basically the same as I have been for years.

I felt like I spent the afternoon carrying weights: all the furniture and boxes up the driveway to the skip! A lot of it was quite heavy. We filled the 3x3m skip and still have more old furniture left over. We also have to clear out the stuff we want to keep so we can get the new floor put in, and the ceiling repaired. More work tomorrow! My calves are a bit sore, it was a good workout.

This is the floor we want to get rid of. Note the 1970s colours and the loose carpet tiles revealing glue that has turned to dust.

This is the room before we started clearing stuff out. I don't feel this picture really does justice to how full it was, and doesn't show the right side of the room. It's a big room, I think it was the original single garage.

If we go to Norfolk, we will use it to store all our furniture while we rent out the house. If we stay here, we will get an extra room we can actually use instead of just for junk. And if we move to Sydney, well it will look a lot nicer when we try to sell!

Last night for the first time I pulled my CPAP off while I was asleep. I was kind of dreaming and became aware I was holding my face mask down by my side, trying to stop the noise of the air whooshing out (it's much noisier when you don't have it on). I woke enough to turn it off before going back to sleep. Then had a very restless night, according to my fitbit. I've never pulled the mask off while I was asleep before, I've heard other people can do that quite often. I hope it doesn't become a habit.

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