Tuesday, June 9, 2015



I caught up on Game of Thrones this afternoon. Bad move. No spoilers, but something sad happens - gee who saw that coming? I'm thinking it was the show combined with recent life events that made me break down and cry and cry and cry. Probably good for me, but it didn't feel good. My chest hurt for half an hour afterward.

I made a bad decision with food today. I'd been wanting some of my favourite cake from a local bakery for a few days or longer, but they only sell it by the half or whole big cake which is way too much. Yet inferior cakes aren't good enough, it had to be this one! Today I decided to buy the half and take it to my friends' house for afternoon tea between six people - a hearty slice each. But she cancelled so I was left with half a chocolate layer cake between me and my kids.

And the cake is a great example of something I was thinking about this morning. I get a lot of pleasure from food, and I hate the thought of giving up everything I like to lose weight. But I distinguish between eating something I really enjoy, and eating whatever because I am bored or stressed or because it is there in front of me. Today I did both. The first slice was lovely, just what I had been looking forward to, and I didn't regret it. An hour later, a second slice that I didn't really want but in some sense I guess I did because I ate it, made me feel a bit sick and I certainly regretted that one! I need to enjoy the good food, whether healthy or not, and stop eating stuff that makes me feel bad rather than good. I do know the difference - even before I eat it! But if it's there in front of me...

So, it's been suggested I return to my report card. I was kind of hoping things would improve first, but that hasn't happened yet, so here I go.

Report card:
Diet: Poor.
Exercise: Poor.
Water: Ok.
Sleep: Poor.
Mental health: Mostly ok. Except when George R R Martin rips my heart out of my chest.


  1. Crying is good Natalie, let it out, don't hold back. You can also go on your bed and beat the sh** out of your mattress, let the stress and the griefs out, you will fell drained but you will be back in better shape (emotionally).

    I appreciate you don't give spoiler, I'm recording the show and will be watching the whole season with our daughters.

    Glad to see your report card back in play. You had a good plan with the cake, maybe with the plan falling a part you could have just keep the amount of cake for you and your family and drop the rest in the bin... you did that before, you can do it again!

    If I was you, I would not worry too much about sleep, when your body is ready, you will just crashed down and sleep more. But you can do something about exercise, don't run a marathon but get back slowly to a program that worked for you, put yourself has your number one priority.

  2. I agree with Richard I think crying is good and can help our bodies relieve stress ... and leave us in a better place (once the aching passes)

    Do hope the report card / journal helps. I know many do find it an excellent tool.

    All the best Jan