Wednesday, June 17, 2015



Bit of a hectic morning. I was expecting the cleaner at 8:45 and the handyman at 9:00, but I was still in the middle of a hurried breakfast of peanut butter on toast (no time for eggs today) when there was a knock on the door and it was the guys here to do the floor out in the studio/junk room. Who I was expecting tomorrow. I checked the paperwork, definitely tomorrow. But I decided it didn't matter, get it all done today. So they got started prepping the floor.

And then I realised it did matter. Because one of the handyman's jobs was to replace and paint some damaged plaster in the ceiling out there. And he was bringing someone to help him with specifically that job. And they were on their way and would be here any minute. And if the underfloor was still drying he wouldn't be able to access the ceiling. I had a bit of a panic but after speaking to the floor guys they said the prep stuff was only going on the uneven bits, not the whole floor, so it would be fine. Whew. Until they called me out to show me the roof was leaking.

The ceiling had been damaged by rain a few years ago and I'd had the tiles fixed then. Or so I thought. I don't go out there much so it could have been still leaking every time it rains. Right now it's been raining heavily for a couple of days. And the damaged spot is dripping. And it's probably a lot more damaged than it was originally.

So I called my insurance company to get them to organise getting it all fixed. In a way I guess that is a good thing because I might get the whole thing done for only my excess instead of paying out of my own pocket. They are coming out Friday to look at it, don't know when it will actually be done.

I told the handyman he wouldn't be doing that ceiling now but there was plenty of other work for him and also for the other guy so it worked out ok. Having the cleaner here just before the handyman probably wasn't the best arrangement - in fact he's coming back on Friday to finish the bits the handyman messed up. I didn't even ask him for that, he just said there was no point doing the floors now and he'd come back on Friday. How nice!

And he cleaned up my gravy disaster. Did I mention that? Whole pan of gravy upside down all over the oven and floor? Obviously I cleaned up at the time, but there were still yucky bits like the oven drip tray. I am enjoying having a cleaner! I have to tidy up before he comes, but then he does kitchen and bathrooms and it all looks lovely.

You know my big problem today? Access to the bathroom! Either there was someone actually in there cleaning or fixing, or in the hallway doing something and blocking my way with a ladder or a dismantled door or something, or I was called over to discuss one of the jobs or I was on the phone to someone. Did a lot of holding it in.

The handymen were here all day and I now have working doors and gates and tiles re-glued and everything. Then the floor guys came back, once the underfloor was dry, and laid the vinyl floor. So that is all done. Now I am only waiting on the curtains. Oh, and the leaky roof... there is a bucket out there at the moment protecting the new floor.

And our TV has finally died after weeks of shilly-shallying. Don't know whether to try to repair, or buy a new one, and will at least wait until we hear about the job. We have a tiny old TV to watch.

Tim had his job interview for Norfolk Island today. He said it went well. He was able to ask some questions, and the main new-ish thing he learned was how little we'd be able to take with us. I think it would just be one standard airline suitcase each! Anything else would go by sea and take a couple of months to get there - and I don't know how much that would cost so obviously we'd need to be really minimal in what we'd take. The rental houses are furnished, so we wouldn't have to worry about furniture, but I think we'd have to go digital for books and most games! I'm still keen, it would be an adventure!

It's a bit hard to tell if the new CPAP settings are helping, because I think I am slightly unwell which doesn't help me sleep. I had the upset stomach for a couple of days, and now a sore throat. I'm maybe sleeping a tiny bit better.

Report card:
Diet: Ok.
Exercise: Poor.
Water: Poor.
Sleep: Poor.
Mental health: Ok.

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  1. That sounds like a nightmare having all those cleaners and repair people in and out of your house! Hope things come together for you soon.