Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mortgage and eggs


I think I mentioned some months ago that we were able to pay off our mortgage, which is a wonderful feeling. But it wasn't really as finished and done with as I thought back then. It's not just a matter of paying off the loan to the bank. You fill out forms and give them a paying-off-your-mortgage payment. Was that a fee to give them money? Yes, yes it was. Then you wait to hear from the lawyer. And fill out more forms, and make another payment or three. More fees because you no longer owe the bank any money? Why yes. Then you wait a bit longer for more paperwork, and fill in more forms, and then today I had to go - in person - over the other side of Canberra to lodge this paperwork with the Office of Regulatory Services. And make another payment which seemed quite a lot for their two minutes of work and the printout of one document. But I think it is all done now. The Title has been officially transferred into our names. We own this house! Yay!

Except of course in Canberra the land isn't actually sold, it was leased from the government for 99 years, presumably so they can get it back eventually if they want it, without having to fight anyone or pay any money. I'm not sure what exactly will happen in 2067. We own the house, I think, but not the land, so presumably we could take the house with us... maybe the government could demand that we get our damn house off their land! Well, I don't expect to be here (in this house) in 2067. This isn't the usual arrangement in Australia, only in Canberra. They like to do everything differently in our nation's capital.

Which segues nicely into my eggs, which I am going to do differently. I struggle to find a good breakfast. I need protein to keep me full and make my stomach happy, carby foods tend to upset my digestion first thing. I don't know how anyone can eat cereal for breakfast (like my husband does) I can only have it later in the day, like supper. I love bacon but all that salt isn't very healthy (the judges are still in disagreement about the fat content). Eggs tend to get promoted by all factions in war of the diets. But I find them boring. So this week I decided to cook eggs a different way each morning. I've started with the familiar - yesterday a little omelette with mushrooms and cheese, today poached on sourdough bread with bacon. I intend to now venture into styles I'm less familiar with. Scrambled tomorrow, then an Asian style that involves deep frying (looks like poaching, except in fat instead of water). Any other ideas? I don't know how long I will stick with it, I'm a bit bored with eggs already.

Report card:
Diet: Ok.
Exercise: Still none. Cold and raining all day.
Water: Good.
Sleep: Poor.
Mental health: Ok.


  1. I usually don't eat for 3-4 hours in the morning, I drink my coffee. And then it's 1 cup of each: Cheerios, yogurt and fruit. I have eggs at lunch, and they are either fried or boiled, maybe 3 times a week.

    This sound like an expensive and long process to pay off the mortgage. IN this time of on line business, you would think it would be just a matter of logging and transfering money from accounts.

    1. Another crazy thing was that one part had to be paid with a bank cheque! My husband had to go into the bank and organise that. Our main bank doesn't even have physical branches so it was lucky we had a small account elsewhere so we had someone who would give us a bank cheque. How on earth is a bank cheque more secure than a direct online transfer?

  2. Wow, that mortgage stuff sounds like it's never ending! Everyone has their hand out.

    1. Oh well, I'm just glad it's done. But yeah, it took months and so many fees!

  3. I love eggs and eat them all the time! I eat them both hard and soft boiled and also make egg mugs. They are kind of like scrambled with all different ingredients but made in a mug in the microwave.

    Do you like oatmeal? That can be a filling breakfast and there are so many things you can add it for taste.