Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Book club


Nothing much today. I realised I forgot to weigh myself yesterday, again, but I do every couple of days so I know my weight has continued to creep up. 82.9 kg today I think.

Today should have been my book club. I missed it for the third month in a row (after going once). This time it was a book I wanted to read but they didn't seem to have it for me at the library and none were available. Except today I picked up the book for next month and it was behind the counter instead of in the "reserved books" under my name like it was previously... so they probably did have it last month after all! Anyway, not having read Go Set a Watchman I decided not to go. I don't think it really matters, people turn up or they don't, it's not like it really inconveniences the other people either way. Although it's nice to have a robust reliable group. I will make an effort to go next month.

One of the other pool contractors called this afternoon to follow up and I told him we'd decided not to go with his company, Iguana. He asked which one we had chosen and I hesitated because it's none of his business but then told him Mirage because why not? He gave an odd sort of laugh and we said goodbye. I've been worrying about that laugh! But I think it was because people from Mirage went on to found Iguana - probably this guy and his son. So I chose his old employer instead of him. This guy was nice but at the end of the interview when he was here, he went into a bit of a tirade about a different company (Blue Haven) and how terrible they were. Maybe it was just a friendly warning but it seemed unprofessional and was one of the reasons we didn't go with him. He went on and on, and kept coming back to the subject. It made Tim and I a bit uneasy.

I was feeling quite unwell last night but am fine today, I think it likely was the radioactive stuff. Presumably it's all flushed out now.

We have been in this house about nine months now, I realised today that there is no place on the property to sit in the winter sun in the afternoon. It is all shaded. We plan to get rid of a couple of trees in the backyard so hopefully that will clear a spot. Of course we want lots of shade in summer, but it would be nice to have a corner somewhere to sit outside on clear winter days.

Last night a dreamed about the house I grew up in, and realised this morning that I left there 30 years ago, when I was 16. Thirty years! My goodness that is a long time.

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  1. We came across the new HP in St Austell at Asda & snatched it up for £10!!!
    Very fast read (& of course we were on holiday) but I blazed thru it in about 3 days...