Sunday, July 17, 2016

Food pushers


I usually say I don't have food pushers in my life (thank goodness), people who try to sabotage my healthy eating when I'm really trying, if anything I tend to be a bit of a food pusher and I'm aware of that and have stopped I think. But compare these two days...

On Saturday lunch at a family member's house, the dessert served was not something I particularly liked. I ate a few bites of what was put in front of me, pushed it around a little then left it, someone else asked if they could finish it and I handed it over. No drama or embarrassment.

On Sunday lunch at a different family member's house. Male host told me he knew I didn't really like apple pie (which others were eating, Tim's family's favourite) so he'd got this other thing specially for me. It was Tiramisu. A coffee-flavoured dessert. Now it's true I don't like apple pie and usually if they have that I just have nothing and I'm fine with that, or a bit of fruit or ice cream, but I could eat it if I had to for some reason it's not disgusting. But coffee? Hate it. Hate it so much. I hold my nose walking past coffee shops.

I was a lovely thing for him to do but there was no way I could eat it even to be polite. I said no thanks politely. He seemed a bit miffed/upset after his efforts and insisted. He'd got it just for me! I claimed to be on a diet (not true). His wife got out the rather nice looking chocolate ice cream and offered me some. I'd just said I was on a diet so I continued to refuse politely, I was full from the lovely lunch, I was trying to lose weight, I really didn't need dessert, thank you so much for going to all that trouble but no. I was pressed so many times! Eventually I said yes to a tiny scoop of ice cream, maybe a mistake as I was still rejecting the special Tiramisu, but I thought it might get them off my back. The husband gave me a truly tiny scoop and a teaspoon to eat it with. Hmm. The whole thing was just awkward, and yet we all love each other. Arg!

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