Saturday, July 23, 2016



My uncle (dad's brother) and aunt are up from the country, staying with their son who lives about an hour away from here. Last night we went over to have dinner with them at a restaurant. It's the middle of winter here but I thought I'd be fine in warm indoor clothing - I'd just be in the car or in a restaurant right? It turned out we were seated out in the courtyard! I suppose with 14 of us they couldn't fit us anywhere else. It was a very nice courtyard, with live music and a kid's play area and outdoor heaters, but it was still night time in winter and everyone was cold, even those who had wisely worn jackets and beanies. When I got home I soaked in a hot bath to recover.

The food was good, the company was good, the music was nice. It was great to have a chat with family I don't see often. I didn't get to talk to my cousin much, he has triplets who are nearly three years old and very active! He and his wife and the older child (I think she is 13) were running after them all night. At least they had the playground. But I got to talk to my uncle and aunt who I used to stay with on the farm (or at nanna's next door) every summer until I was about 21.

There was talk of them coming over here for lunch today but they said they would call to confirm. They didn't call until 1:15! I had long since given up on them. They'd decided not to come. A bit rude not to give me notice, I think. Actually it turned out for the best because the pool guy was still here.

We'd chosen a contractor for the pool build (Mirage) and the project manager came back today to do some more detailed measuring and planning, and for us to sign the contract. He was here so much longer than I expected. He came at 10:00, was outside for over an hour then came in to do paperwork. At 1:00 I cooked some pasta and fed the kids, and after a while longer ate a little bit myself standing at the counter while he was going through the paperwork with Tim. If I'd known how long he was going to be here I would have offered him lunch, or just eaten in front of him, but I kept thinking he was nearly finished and about to leave. I did give him tea and biscuits earlier but I didn't eat then. I was so hungry I was feeling quite nauseated. My blood sugar goes all wonky if I don't eat regularly. I was no longer paying any attention to what he was saying, my head was fuzzy and I just wanted him to leave. I left it to Tim to check the contract. Finally he went at 2:30 and Tim and I got to eat some congealed pasta. Four and a half hours the guy was here!

Should have a pool by Christmas though.

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