Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Carb flu


It's amazing how much carb flu feels like real flu. I know it's withdrawal, even though I am still eating carbs (fruit, vegetables, quinoa etc just avoiding processed carbs) and even some sugar in chocolate. I haven't gone cold turkey, just reduced a lot. I've been through this feeling many times before. It's usually at this point that I decide it's not worth it, I can't cope with the headaches etc on top of everything else, I should just reduce calories without cutting carbs etc. But I know it only lasts a few days and it's the only way for me to reliably lose weight. After the withdrawal bit I have much less food cravings because I no longer have so many carbs turning to sugar in my system and continuing the spike and crash cycle that makes you want to eat more than you need. I can do this!

Today we saw "Finding Dory". It was a nice kids movie, similar to the first one in many ways. Good, but nothing to rave about in my opinion.

B: cream of chicken soup, tea.
L: quinoa "fried rice".
S: peanuts and a Chupa Chup small lollipop (in the movie).
D: chicken broth, roast beef and lots of vegetables.

The cup of chicken broth filled me up a lot but I ate my dinner anyway, now I feel too full. I need to learn that food will always be available, I don't have to eat just because it is officially dinner time. But I ate mostly vegetables and left half the beef. Apart from being overfull, I am happy with the quality and quantity of my meals today.

Water intake and steps need a bit of work.

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