Friday, July 22, 2016

Risque review


For Christmas Tim was given a voucher for theatre tickets and last night he finally used them and we went to see "Risqué Review" which was dinner and burlesque cabaret. A cousin came over to babysit the kids, and I met Tim in the city after work. I was a bit dubious but it turned out to be really good. There was a singer with a very nice voice, three dancing girls in a variety of skimpy costumes (but no more revealing than you'd see on a beach and probably more modest than many music videos these days!) and one man who was mainly a prop for the ladies but then he took his shirt off and did a very impressive pole dance! Very strong. But he was kind of brooding and intense (which may have just been his stage persona), for attractiveness I preferred our waiter who was cute and always smiling.

The most memorable performance was one lady in a bath. They wheeled out a claw-foot bath on a pedestal, with a girl in a bikini (in real water). There was a trapeze hoop suspended above and she swung and flipped herself around very acrobatically. They handed out umbrellas to the patrons! I only saw one lady use hers though, most people didn't mind getting splashed a little when the performer flipped her hair or spun in circles with water drops flying off her legs.

The food was also excellent which I didn't expect at all. It was a great night. We got home 11:30 or so, way past my bed time!

Today I did the grocery shopping and some more book-thinking. Some ideas are coming together.

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