Friday, July 8, 2016

Well behaved cookie makers


Didn't do much yesterday, it was pouring rain. The kids built a blanket fort, and in the afternoon we watched "Hotel Transylvania 2" on Foxtel.

The carb flu seems to be over, no more headache or upset tummy. I hope that is because I'm through withdrawal, not because I'm eating too many carbs again. I have continued to snack every evening, and last night had about 500 unneeded calories worth. So from today that is over! My birthday chocolates are finished, I eat plenty of food during the day, I do not need to snack while watching TV at night.

We did the grocery shopping and while at the checkout the kids were chatting quietly with each other. The woman behind me commented on how I had two children, but no junk food in my trolley. She was amazed! (I do get treat food quite often, but today I told Jasmine if she wanted chocolate chip cookies she could make them at home). The woman and the check out lady both also seemed amazed by how well behaved my children are. No fighting or screaming. I often get these reactions in places like restaurants and it worries me that my normal children seem to stand out as being exceptionally well behaved! Are everyone else's kids so bad? I guess some of them are, I've seen kids having tantrums in public places. I try not to judge too quickly - anyone can have a bad day (child or parent!) - but if I see a mother on her phone while her little son trails ignored behind her with his legs squeezed together obviously needing to go to the toilet, or a kid screaming for a sugary treat and the parent says no, no, no, no, shut up, no, no, OH ALL RIGHT HAVE IT! reinforcing the bad behaviour... well then I do judge!

Anyway I am very proud of my children and I guess we did something right because whatever faults they have, they are always kind to each other and everyone else. Once I reviewed a short story in which a child died and the sibling didn't seem to care much. I pointed out to the author that this didn't seem realistic. But based on his own children, he though that is how they would react! I can hardly imagine.

Jasmine baked her cookies in the afternoon and I had a couple. A couple doesn't sound so bad... but they were practically the size of dinner plates so I think I should have stuck to one!

B: cream of chicken soup, tea.
L: rotisserie chicken, cucumber, tea.
S: choc-chip cookies, peanuts, cheese. (my meals are ok, I need to work on my snacks)
D: steak, salad, cookie.

Kitchen is closed for the night.

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