Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Offending the Gods


The God of Nightsweats took offence at me saying I could deal with it, and I had a very unpleasant night due to His retaliation. Four or five in one night! So instead of saying I'm fine I can handle it, I will say oh woe is me I am so tired and headachy. That should appease Him.

I've started the planning stages of book two. Tim is still reading book one and I'll use his feedback to make some (hopefully final) changes but in the meantime I need to get to work on the next book. I did write a chapter ages ago but without really knowing where it was going... so far you could say my outline is "main characters track down and defeat the villain who was revealed at the end of book one". Not really very detailed!

My hunger dial is turned up to 11 at the moment. I am eating anything and everything, never satisfied. It rather disconcerting.

My doctor appointment has been moved up to Thursday, which is awesome.

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