Saturday, July 16, 2016



A very busy day. First had the third pool contractor come and inspect the site. We definitely liked him best, he really seemed to grasp exactly what we wanted and had solutions for issues. Tim is going to do a bit more research, checking reviews online etc, but it looks like we will go with that company and hopefully have a pool by Christmas! Christmas is of course summer here so that would be awesome.

Then we went to lunch at a cousin's house, they are in the process of building their house in the next suburb and wanted to rent near here in the meantime. They have a toddler and have moved from a tiny flat to an actual house with a backyard so little Eliza is ecstatic! Room to run around, grass to play on.

Finally after an early dinner we went to the circus with some more family. It was fun especially for the kids. The first few acts were a bit 'Talent Show at the local RSL' but it got better, some of the acrobatics were good. And the Wheel of Death made me feel sick with fear for the performer. No animals except for a few poorly trained Shetland ponies and terriers, I don't think anyone has exotic animals in circuses in Australia any more.

One thing really struck me while we were out. My father-in-law's partner is a very large woman and he has been getting bigger since they've been together. She announced that they are both going on a diet on Monday. While shovelling down fairy floss (cotton candy) and popcorn, saying she might as well while she still could. How often have I done that? I'm sure we all have. Starting Monday, but it's fine to eat as much junk as possible until then. Not on the diet yet, after all. But it seemed so incongruous to see someone else do it. Like it somehow doesn't count.

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