Sunday, July 24, 2016



I spent today getting some scans done of my pelvis. It was a really interesting experience (although a bit ironic that I was there because lying down hurts... so they made me lie very still for long periods!). First they injected me with some radioactive stuff. Then they did a scan while my blood was radioactive. Then they sent me away for three hours so my bones could absorb the radioactivity.

I went to the local shopping centre and had a cup of tea and a punnet of strawberries. It was too early for lunch and besides I was feeling a bit nauseated and had a nasty headache. I wasn't supposed to feel anything from the injection so maybe it was unrelated, but I did later find a reference to headaches as a possible side effect on the internet. You can find anything on the internet if you try hard enough. I did a bit of shopping and wandering around, but still had plenty of time (I could have gone home but decided not to) so I parked next to the river and sat in the warm car in the sun and played with my iPhone.

It was a pretty spot.

I went back and they did four 5-minute scans in a row in the big machine. It was hard to lie still for so long, made my pelvis ache quite a lot. At night I lie on my side which isn't so bad, on my back is quite painful. Then I waited a bit more, then they used a different machine to do a 3D scan. It was swooping around me taking scans from all angles while the bed part also moved back and forth, quite fascinating. I can pick up the scans tomorrow, no idea if they show anything interesting.

I made it home just before the kids got home from school. Was driven to take painkillers for the headache which is pretty unusual for me. And of course was very hungry by then! Delicious sandwich with the fresh bread I'd just bought.

Just think, until I finish filtering and peeing it all out - I'm radioactive!

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  1. Catching up after our Big Family UK Vacation - but I had a PET scan 7/08, I'm convinced my headaches afterwards were related to all that contrast material.
    A little tired & jet-lagged now, gained 5 lbs courtesy of all those Full English Breakfasts & worst of all, alluring CRUMPETS! Thank God they're not available here...