Monday, July 4, 2016

New start


I've had a few false starts with getting back into healthy eating, but I'm feeling strong and confident today. Starting weight 82.1 kg (basically the same as I've been the past four weeks). I'm tracking food using MyFitnessPal which syncs with Fitbit, I'm wearing the tracker and my walking goal is 5,000 steps at the moment.

The kids have started their two weeks of winter holidays, Tim will be taking the second of those weeks off work. Today we just did the grocery shopping (all healthy food!) and recovered from the weekend.

I am conscious of often wanting to eat when I am not hungry.

I discovered a new taste sensation this morning. I had cut up an orange and put some cheese (sharp cheddar) on the same plate, a bit of the cheese fell in the juice which had seeped over. I ate it dubiously, and it was delicious! I ended rolling all the cheese in the bit of juice on the plate.

B: cheese, orange, tea.
L: chicken and salad, tea.
S: banana, vegetable broth.
D: bolognaise with zoodles (zucchini spirals).

Currently 24 steps and one glass of water away from goals, so pretty confident.


  1. Fitness for our body is very much important than any other thing. I too follow a bit of diet which is very difficult to keep it up.

    1. It is so difficult! But we keep on trying.

  2. I was SO EXCITED when work scales (what I rely on for "official" weigh ins since they are kinder than the home scales!) showed a 4-lb loss, but it turned out a corner was wedged against the wall...
    Actually I'm right back at my own baseline as well; it would have been too good to be true w/4th of July holiday & all ;-)