Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Another broken cup


Not a very successful morning.

After moving we were supposed to get our two cars registered in the new state. I had to get them inspected and take in paperwork and it took several visits to get everything together, eventually got everything done for one car. I couldn't find the old rego papers for the other one so I sent away for a copy then forgot about it. Five months later, still haven't received it but we found the original paper. So today, yet again, I went in to the Motor Registry, unscrewed the licence plates, waited for my number to be called... and was told that the car was inspected five months ago but it's only valid for 40 days. Which is fair enough but I didn't think of it. So I've booked the car in to be inspected again on Friday, then I'll go straight back to try again! We've only got ten days until the old rego runs out.

I had some shopping to do at the big mall, but didn't have much luck there either. Spent ages looking around for a few things without finding what I needed. Tired, headachy and discouraged. But then I saw that a big department store had the brand of teacups that I broke the other day, some on special for 50% off! I bought one, not the same as the old one but similar, it was in a pretty gift box. Got home, took it out of the box... huge crack in it. Not having a good day. Or week.

On the bright side, I have to go back on Friday anyway to the Motor Registry so I can return it on the same trip!

And I had some really good news yesterday, I'm booked in for my surgery in a month which is sooner than I expected. It won't solve all my problems, but should fix my pelvic pain and maybe some of the hormonal issues.

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