Thursday, September 1, 2016

Backyard inspection


So it's absolutely pouring rain today and I was delaying going out the shops hoping it would ease up a bit (it's an outdoor carpark so I would be trying to manage a trolley and an umbrella, and the groceries would get soaked anyway) and then the Council called about our pool application, the poor man had to come out and inspect our backyard!

We stood out there with umbrellas while he took photos and then sat under the covered courtyard while he asked a couple of questions, he doesn't foresee any issues with his bit (far enough from fences, how sloping the ground is) but we are still waiting on approval to have the trees removed and the neighbours have a couple more weeks to protest. They all have pools so I don't know what grounds they would protest on! Not expecting it. It's only the trees I have a slight worry about, just in case there is some rule about removing too many natives. We could end up with a pool surrounded by leaf-dropping gum trees instead of a nice paved area and garden. I hope that doesn't happen.

I did the grocery shopping after he left, taking a beach towel to drape over the trolley to keep things more or less dry getting back to the car. A tarp probably would have been more useful but we don't have one. It was a big shopping trip because we are hosting a Father's Day BBQ on Sunday.

I had planned fish for dinner - for me and Aiden, Tim and Jas won't eat it, they were going to have pork chops - but who wants to eat fish on a cold dreary day like today? Maybe if you are a fish lover, and you deep fried it! I eat fish a few times a year in a fit of virtuousness. Anyway, I bought a chicken instead to roast with lots of chilli and lemon zest. Much more warming and cosy.

I saw online today "Words cannot express how beautiful you are. But numbers can. 3/10." Lol.

Oh, that reminds me. At the shops there was a stall where kids could get a free photo taken of themselves with a little printed message, to give to daddy on Sunday for Father's Day. One message was:
OMG are you serious? Is this deliberate so it looks like your three year old wrote it? That's the only excuse I can think of for not knowing the difference between your and you're. I wanted to say something to them but they were busy photographing kids so I didn't.

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  1. I hope that spelling mistake was a deliberate error because otherwise it's quite embarrassing!