Monday, September 5, 2016



Today's weight: 83.2 kg. A little down. As usual, Monday has inspired me to tighten my diet up again. Lots of vegetables, and plenty of water! I ate too much junky stuff yesterday. There was some dessert left over and I've resisted it all day! Should be finished up by the rest of the family tonight.

I went out for a nice walk this morning, around 45 minutes. Sunny but a bit cool, which is good for walking.

I made a random purchase of a frozen duck on Friday because they were on special and I'm cooking it tonight. Duck is one of my favourite meats, but it's definitely a special occasion food and I rarely cook it myself. I order it in restaurants sometimes or my Chinese sister-in-law sometimes cooks one. They aren't particularly healthy, very fatty, and not much meat on one (perhaps the relatively small portions are a good thing). Anyway, I looked up some recipes this afternoon and they suggested things like 4 hours drying out time then 5-6 hours slow roasting! No time for that. I've put some spices on and shoved it in the oven on a rack so the fat all drips down on the vegetables... hope it turns out ok. Not sure about the mix of spices.

Jasmine didn't go to dance tonight. On Saturday evening she hit her hand against a rock and one knuckle is sore and was swollen. I think it is just bruised but it still hurts her and apparently at school she was trying to write with her left hand. What if it is broken? I've said if it still hurts as much tomorrow I'll take her to a doctor. I remember a story from my mum about my big brother falling off a swing at kindergarten and the teachers didn't realise he broke his arm! He didn't get any care other than cuddles until mum picked him up and realised. And without a car, pushed him to the doctor or hospital in the stroller. So I hope this isn't too serious, it's only been 48 hours I guess so a bruise could still hurt.

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