Monday, September 12, 2016

Another week


Is it Monday again already? This morning I weighed 83.7 kg, which is a gain. I did very well with food and fluids today, but no exercise. I planned a walk but as always when increasing my fluids I didn't dare get too far from a bathroom. I must have the smallest bladder in Australia! I have to keep up the drinking for a few days to get used to it.

Is it just me, or does everyone feel like they should be doing something else? If I'm writing, I should be exercising. If I'm walking, I should be doing housework. If I'm watching TV, I should be spending more time with my family. There is always something I should be doing that isn't what I'm doing right now - or that is how it feels!

Oh well, I can live with constant low-grade guilt.

One thing I love about Mondays is they always seem like a clean slate.

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