Sunday, September 11, 2016



Today we had visitors from Canberra. Tim regularly skypes with his friend there but I hadn't seen them since we moved. They planned to come over "in the morning" (arg! I need more detail than that!) but at 11 they called and said "lunchtime". So we spent a lot of the day sort of waiting around. At least the house is now very clean! And when they arrived we had a nice chat over lunch and then played Boggle while the kids used the Virtual Reality headset. I lost every round, you'd think a writer could hold their own against a physicist and a lawyer at a word game, but no. Janet wasn't feeling well and had a little nap while we were playing. I bet she would have beat me too. I'm just no good at seeing words in a jumble of random letters.


Today was Comicon. Last year we came to Sydney especially for it, I went with them into the city but went to a show instead. This year I was very back and forth trying to decide. It didn't really interest me, but the thought of sitting home alone didn't either. Originally there had been some plans for "the girls" to all go somewhere else together, but they are all heavily pregnant and not so up for running around the city. I had been leaning towardsgoing along to Comicon and seeing what it was like. But the last few days I'd been feeling pretty uncomfortable with the pelvic thing, and today I woke up with PMS hitting me hard. I decided being miserable at home alone was easier to deal with than being miserable while wandering around Comicon. I think it was a good choice, I was pretty teary all day. Also there was a "Festival of Chocolate" on in the city and we all know I need to stay away from that!

Tim and the kids dressed up:
Santa Claus gave Tim the Darth Vader costume for Christmas so he could wear it to the new Star Wars movie premier on Boxing Day, Jasmine's Hunger Games outfit and Aiden's stormtrooper were bought specially for Comicon.

I did manage to get out of the house, I went for a walk up to the shops to buy ingredients for lunch, and also a chocolate éclair for dessert. And other junk. I really didn't do well at all with food today.


  1. Nice costumes!
    We went to premier of new documentary "For the Love of Spock" made by Adam Nimoy; I tried to squeeze into my Lt Uhura dress but it was too tight across the bosom. When I lose about 10 more lbs I'll try it on again.

    1. Is that the documentary they had on Big Bang Theory where Adam (I think) interviews Sheldon? Cool. If I did go to Comicon I was planning to wear a shirt I have that looks very Star Trek although it's not actually a costume. I love Voyager, not so into original Star Trek.