Monday, September 12, 2016

Disaster in a teacup


I started the day miserable in a general sort of way - very tired and "time of the month" and quickly went to miserable in a specific way. I had recently bought a new cute creamer (little milk jug) and sugar bowl set, and this morning I decided I needed sugar in my tea to make me feel better (ha!). I was lifting it down from the shelf and the lid slid off and smashed into several pieces on the bench and floor. I was a little upset but not terribly so, it hadn't been very expensive so I could replace it easily, but it was still annoying. Especially since it was brand new, and had finally replaced one I broke when we first moved here. But then as I was picking up the bits I realised that one piece was the handle of my Prince Albert teacup! That was a special Mothers' Day gift from my son a couple of years ago and I have used it for my morning cup of tea every day since. It retails for about $150 for ONE cup and saucer. The emotional loss is worse. I am so unhappy about it.
Maybe it is repairable, but it is very thin and delicate so I doubt it.

Not a good start to the day.


  1. Oh, that is understandably very sad. I'm sorry about that :(

    1. Thanks Martha. I didn't realise how emotionally attached I was to that teacup. Even if I get an identical one, it won't be the same.