Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tired and cranky


Today was a struggle. I had a bad night, partly with worse than usual pelvic pain, partly because my poor husband had to get up at 3:30 to be at work in the city at 5:00 (very unusual occurrence), partly because I had to get up six times to pee. SIX! You'd think I'd been drinking ridiculous amounts but I only increased my intake to eight glasses - and that includes my two cups of tea. Only one glass was after dinner. Yet going from my usual (maybe four glasses) up to eight sent my kidneys into overdrive. It does always happen when I increase liquid, but not usually to that extent.

So, losing that much liquid means losing a lot of weight overnight, right? Not really. 200 grams.

Anyway, so I was tired and cranky. And I had a lot of pelvic pain all day, which I don't usually have much of during the day (I did when this all started last year but now it's generally only at night, can't wait to have the surgery and get this fixed!) And it's day two of no sugar/low carb. I compromised by having a bigger lunch and dinner with more calories that I otherwise would have allowed myself, but still no sugar.

Time to smile and remember gratitude!
It's a lovely day outside. I am looking out my window into our shady courtyard with sunny side garden behind it, and three different flowering plants in different shades of pink.
Tim's cousin just sent me information about removing trees on your own property, apparently even if for some reason we don't get council approval we can do it anyway because we are in a bushfire area!
I could go and have a nap if I really wanted but I think I will wait and just look forward to a good sleep tonight.
My cup of tea isn't entirely horrible, even without sugar.
My foot continues to be pain free and walking is a pleasure not a trial.

Life is not all bad!

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