Thursday, September 29, 2016

No thanks


It was a good day for being inside a shopping centre as it was raining again. We spent a couple of hours getting new summer clothes for the kids. Then it was lunchtime. I didn't want to get something from the crowded noisy unhealthy food-court so we went to a burger place we hadn't been to before so we could sit and have a proper comfortable meal (even if only burgers). Actually I don't really like burgers so was disappointed to find they really didn't sell anything else - most places have some other choices! Oh well, I can eat a burger now and then, especially a fancy one. Jasmine ate hers and enjoyed it, Aiden ate the chicken out of the middle of his and left the bun, I had a couple of trial bites and left mine on my plate, eating only my third of a serve of chips. Yuck. I could have eaten the burger if I was starving, but not otherwise.

As we were leaving a server (or possibly the owner) bustled up and asked how our meal was. I usually say "fine" even if it wasn't, but with my whole meal still sitting on my plate and Aiden's half-eaten I just gave a non-committal shrug and an mpf grunt. "Wait a minute!" he said as he bustled back to the counter. Was he going to make amends for my uneaten food? I was a bit embarrassed, there wasn't anything "wrong" with it exactly, nothing to complain about, I just didn't like it. But no. He came back waving a card at me. "If you order home delivery next time, you get $10 off!" I wouldn't take the card, saying something like "No thanks, definitely not." I wonder if he later noticed I hadn't eaten my burger!

Both kids had shown interest in the cross stitch I've been doing - it's been "nearly finished" for a while now, been too busy during sunny daylight hours when I can see to sew, so we went into a haberdashery shop to look at buying them some kind of starter kit. We spent a forever sorting through the very small range of options - for a while going with larger ones they liked and collecting all the coloured threads needed before realised they were much too big a commitment for beginners - before choosing the most basic tiny ones they had. When we got home they I showed them how to do it and sat with them and they worked at it for at quite a long time. I spent a lot of time re-threading needles and unpicking mistakes! I had estimated they were two-hour projects, but of course that is how long I would take... might need to revise that to around five hours! Very glad we got these little (cheap) kits instead of the more elaborate ones we were looking at.

Even though I ate some leftover quinoa when we got home, my energy levels really crashed in the afternoon. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I assume lunch of a few hot chips just didn't cut it. I tried chocolate and some nuts, but it was home made tomato soup that hit the spot. Vitamins!


  1. I love a good burger! The best is always homemade and on the BBQ though.

    We have a drizzly, cold, Fall day today and tomato soup (especially homemade) would hit the spot here too. I should go look up a recipe for tonight :)

    1. We made delicious burgers tonight - pulled pork and coleslaw with adobe sauce! I guess it was just a bad restaurant.