Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fathers' Day


It's Fathers' Day here in Australia. The kids gave daddy a Darth Vader BBQ apron and a World of Warcraft theme Trivial Pursuit game. Then we had the whole family over for lunch. Well, we planned to, someone forgot to come, someone was sick, you know how it is. I always prepare too much food anyway, with not everyone here it was just ridiculous! I got everyone to take some home and there is still enough for us to reheat for dinner and also for Tim to take for lunch tomorrow.

As usual it was both fun and exhausting. Lots of preparation with cooking and cleaning, then pleasant company for a few hours (actually until 6pm), then I collapse. Tim mastered the BBQ grill while I made the sides and desserts (a couple of other people contributed too). It was a very nice day, but my knees are aching a bit and I'm glad I can sit and watch TV tonight and not do any more work.

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