Thursday, September 1, 2016



It's the first day of spring! A lovely day, too. The forecast for the coming week is all over the place: sun, rain, wind, warm, cold... but today was perfect weather. I went out for a long walk that included dropping in to my son's school and then the library which is just as far in the opposite direction. By the time I got to the library I was embarrassed for people to see me, I was a bit sweaty! Even allowing for the short stops, I was walking for over an hour and it was pretty warm outside.

It's odd how you see a lot of people in public in yoga pants and gym gear but (unless they are actually jogging) they never look sweaty. Are they doing their shopping on the way to the gym?

I did well with healthy food most of the day, but then just as dinner was cooking I suddenly became ravenous and shovelled lots of calories in my mouth. Then ate my planned dinner half an hour later. So that wasn't so great. But overall, a good day.

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