Monday, August 29, 2016



Well it seems I have a cold; runny nose, stuffy head etc. At least it explains why I'm feeling a bit down. It is also gloomy outside so it is hard to convince myself to leave the house. I only got as far as the mailbox today.

There is a bit of excitement here because our favourite computer game, World of Warcraft, has an expansion, "Legion", coming out this evening. The game was originally released in 2003 and I started playing about a year after that during Jasmine's nap times when she was a baby so that is more than 12 years ago! There have been stretches where I haven't played for a while (I switched to Rift when I ran out of WoW content) but they keep producing more countries, more quests, more levels, so I keep going back to it. I think it has something like 8 million players, it a pretty popular game. I believe there is a way I can look up how many hours I've played over the years but I'm a bit scared to look!


  1. My friend Carlos used to be an avid WoW player, he has taken to some other games in recent years, I get the appeal but never got into it myself, which is probably a good thing. Blizzard has done a pretty great job keeping it so popular and keeping so many players interested, it's rather impressive actually. They just made a really popular game here called Overwatch.

    1. My husband and son tried Overwatch but I don't think they really got into it. My husband plays Hearthstone on his long train commutes on his tablet, another Blizzard success. They make good games.