Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Club


I finally made it to book club! After going once then missing three months, no one remembered me. But that is ok. The book was "All the Birds Singing" by someoneorother, it starts with a young woman living in fear as a recluse, with something or someone killing the sheep on her farm. It interweaves her lonely life now with flashbacks going further and further back, as she constantly flees from her past, until we finally get back far enough to see how it all started. Depressing book. Lots of sad sex as a prostitute, being held captive by a psycho customer, sheep on the farm being mutilated, hiding knives and hammers all round the house so she have a weapon to hand if she needs it. Everyone in the book club hated it. I at least thought it was well written, although I didn't like the subject matter any more than anyone else. It was nice to get out for a chat with other adults.

Yesterday we had icy rain, it was a bit warmer today so I walked up to the meeting then did some editing in the library, but by the time I walked home it was overcast and cold again. Well, it is winter still! And nothing like so cold as Canberra was. A jumper is enough over my shirt, don't need singlet and shirt and jumper and overcoat with gloves and beanie and scarf! So it's really not that cold.

I've eaten very cleanly for two days in a row, I know this evening and tomorrow will be the danger times as I suddenly go into sugar withdrawal/carb flu/starvation when my body realises I'm filling up on vegetables. But I will be strong! I'm eating plenty of fresh healthy food, just not the processed junk my body currently craves.


  1. I splurged on a guilty pleasure last night when I had to run back into town after forgetting to bring home dog food... Henry Hill's Goodfellas memoir ($6 on clearance table) I used to be an absolute true-crime fiend; Goodfellas is one of the few films that have me nightmares so I need to "read for myself" if the source material is as horrific...

    1. I don't think a book should be a "guilty" pleasure! Reading is a virtue! I don't usually read this kind of book, I like fantasy with dragons and magic, or old fashioned young adult like Anne of Green Gables. But it was what was chosen for the book club.

  2. That was my comment (I had borrowed my son's tablet) - I termed it "guilty" in terms of true crime not being the most uplifting of genres...
    I really do admire the writing of Ann Rule, who wrote up many true crime stories from the Pacific Northwest as well as her magnum opus (which everyone should read) "The Stranger Beside Me" about Ted Bundy.