Tuesday, August 9, 2016



Today I had vague plans of driving over to the beach for my walk and editing work. It's far enough that I hesitate to "waste" that much of my day in the car, but it was lovely weather for it. But Aiden was home sick so I stayed home.

I'm not always sure just how sick Aiden is when he doesn't want to go to school (unlike Jasmine who would drag herself there on two broken legs, although she did ask for a note to get out of sport yesterday), but today he stayed in bed until 11 then spent the afternoon on the lounge watching TV and hardly ate anything all day. Very unlike my boy. Considering also that I was feeling rotten last night, and Jasmine has been a bit unwell for days, I think I can safely conclude he really was sick.

I put in our application to the council for permission to have trees removed from our backyard so we can get our pool. I assume the ones where the pool will go will be approved, not so sure about the ones where I would like a paved/garden area next to it. I had to mark them on an aerial photo and I could see just about every house around us had a pool behind it! That makes me hopeful that there won't be any problems. They do have a rule that you have to plant new trees (not as many, 4:1) if you take out old ones. Our backyard is currently completely covered in trees and shrubs of all sizes, no lawn or much clear space. It is still native bushland, essentially. It is nice for the wildlife, but I would like something I can use and enjoy.

We were supposed to have our national census yesterday and for the first time it was online instead of paper (you could still ask for a paper form if you wanted) but the system crashed. Despite them apparently doing extensive tests to show their servers could cope with the whole of Australia logging on at once. Oh well. I assume it will be up eventually.

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