Thursday, August 4, 2016

Family resemblance


Aiden's school had an open day today. I didn't go to the assembly, which he wasn't involved in, or stay for the afternoon tea (it was pouring rain so I assume it was no longer a picnic on the grass, the cupcakes looked tempting which is a bad thing!) but I did go to visit Aiden's classroom. I hadn't met his teacher before (naughty me, considering we are halfway through the school year, but my children are such angels I never have anything to talk to their teachers about) and she came up to me at the door to ask who my child was then before I could answer said "Oh, Aiden, I can see the resemblance when you smile!" Which I though was lovely. She may have been helped by having only a short list of parents she hadn't met yet, but still. I like to hear there is a family resemblance.

I sat with Aiden and looked through his books, saw various artworks etc on the walls, made an origami crane, and learned to write some Chinese numbers. Then I left when they went off to the hall to watch the school band.

I made a very bad food decision this morning. I hadn't had breakfast yet, I dropped Aiden at school because of the rain then ran a couple of errands then suddenly realised I was very hungry and no wonder. And got McDonalds drive through. I don't even like McDonalds! But it was cold and wet outside and I had been up for a couple of hours without food and a bag full of fat and salt suddenly seemed irresistible. So I ate it. But I've made a rule that a bad meal, or a bad day, or even a bad week, is no reason to give up and say I'll start again on Monday/next month/when the planets align. I just keep going. I wanted fast food again at lunchtime on the way home from the school but I came home and made lunch instead. Good choices are still good even if you sometimes make bad choices.

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