Monday, August 1, 2016



The new Harry Potter book (... and the Cursed Child) (I always say that as cur-SED, the old fashioned way, not one syllable) came out here yesterday, I hobbled out this morning to buy it and they are sold out already! And don't know when they are getting more stock. Curses. Did the shop not realise it would be a best-seller? Did I not foresee other people would want to read it too? Mistakes were made.

My weight this morning was 82.9 kg. New week, new month, new start. I ate very well today.

When we first moved here lots of birds visited, expecting to be fed (also a water dragon). After a little while I refused to feed the magpies, and the kookaburras stopped visiting, but Sam the butcher bird continued to visit several times a week and I fed him if I had anything suitable (i.e. meat). Today I put some roast beef out for him and before he could grab it three kookaburras swooped down and scared him off!

They are at least four times his size and weight. One of them looked younger than the other two, perhaps a baby from last spring? I put out a lot more food and it was all eaten by one bird, the greedy thing. The other two sat and watched. Sam did a daring flyby and grabbed one piece.

I attach a picture I came across of a cat that for some reason I think looks just like my brother. Sorry no human picture of him for comparison. But if he was turned into a cat, this would be what he looks like.


  1. I've never seen kookaburras. They are very pretty birds. I laughed with the cat photo. I'm sure some of the people I know can be compared to some interesting or funny cat images I run across!

    1. I can't pin down why, it just looks like him!

  2. Ooh cur-SED, how deliciously trenchant.

    The birds seem like a cartoonish bunch, they seem quite large also, that would give me anxiety. Maybe they are smaller then they appear?

    The cat is pretty funny.

  3. I had to look up trenchant. Great word!

    Kookaburras are moderately large but I've never heard them to be aggressive at all. They eat snakes so they are quite a favourite in Australia! Anything that eats snakes (or spiders) is my hero! Magpies, which I stopped feeding, can be very aggressive in spring and swoop at people a lot, the council puts up signs and cyclists put weird wire things on their bike helmets to keep them away.

  4. Hubby gets SO irritated w/me for feeding the seagulls - but I almost tamed a juvenile at the Domino's Pizza last week ;-) !!!