Monday, August 8, 2016

Back to the park


Today I weigh 83.5 kg, up from last week! My weight went down during the week then rapidly up, including half a kg overnight. My food wasn't perfect but it wasn't that bad, I don't think it was my diet that caused the gain of 1.3 kg in a few days. With my blood sugar up all weekend, I think it's infection and/or hormones or something. I'll just be extra careful with my food and avoid too many carbs.

Last week was all cold and rain but this week is forecast for sun. I went back to "my" park to do some writing. The prime benches (with tables, in full winter sun, right next to the river) were both taken (how dare they?) but I walked around for a while first and by then one of the tables was free and I got some good writing and thinking done.

A quasi-artistic view from the footbridge.

At the next table was a man with two black miniature poodles, just sitting. He was there when I got there and still there when I left. One poodle was well behaved, the other spent a lot of time yapping piercingly - the sound echoed around the hills in a rather interesting way - and chasing people and dogs who walked past. Her name was apparently "Becky Come Here". At least her owner thought that was her name, she didn't respond to it in any way! Nothing wrong with letting a dog run around in a park but owners of other dogs sometimes had a hard time controlling their leashed animals with Becky jumping in their face barking and ignoring calls to come away.

Tim finished reading my book today and seemed to like it. He's given me some feedback and written notes on the manuscript which I will go through tomorrow.

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