Thursday, August 11, 2016



Did I mention that working from home has its distractions? Firstly, the Olympics. I was watching a close beach volleyball game while eating breakfast today, then tried to walk away from the television, then the bastards put on synchronised diving! Second is the internet, I can scroll through cute pictures of kittens all day without a boss looking over my shoulder. And thirdly my favourite computer game (actually the only one I play), World of Warcraft, is bringing out a new expansion in a few weeks and they have released some new content in the lead up to it so obviously I need to explore that... And of course lastly I am an avid reader and get lost in whatever I am reading... it's no wonder the house is a mess and I never get any writing done. This is why I sometimes try getting out of the house to write.


Today I had lunch with my sister-in-law near her work, which was lovely. I've been to that café twice before, the food is nice but the servings are enormous! As usual, I ate less than half my meal. I did enjoy it though, and had a good chat with Ping. I walked around the big shopping centre and finally got my hands on the new Harry Potter book, then did the grocery shopping.

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