Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dessert and Skinky


We had extra people over for our family Sunday lunch today, and one offered to bring dessert. I said yes, of course, it is always lovely when people help out if you are cooking for 14. But I was secretly thinking I would make something myself as well, to give people a choice (ok, in case I didn't like what she brought) and to make sure we had enough. But literally as I was looking through my recipe folder she texted me to say not to make anything, she would make plenty. How did she know? It's almost like she'd met me before lol. I thought it was funny, but also a teensy bit annoying because now I couldn't make an extra dessert without hurting her feelings.

So she didn't actually get to our house until well after lunch as her toddler was napping, but sent her husband over with her contribution. As I expected, it was something I didn't like - trifle. Oh well, it's not like I need dessert! I honestly wasn't bothered and I had the satisfaction of being right! (And there wasn't really enough, either.) But then most people barely touched theirs, Jasmine said to me quietly that it tasted burnt. Apparently it was practically inedible. I just hope everyone knew I didn't make it. I really wished I had made that lemon tart I was planning.

The other drama was Skinky, the little skink lizard who has been living in our bathroom for a while now. I saw him today in his usual spot and considered mentioning him to our guests but didn't bother as they don't usually use our ensuite bathroom. But I should have! My sister-in-law and her family seemed to be taking a long time to leave, standing outside the front door for ages. So I went out. And was told they'd found a lizard in my bathroom and were putting him in the garden! Little Emma was fascinated. I couldn't tell them he was practically a pet, but I was a little upset. He likes living inside in the warm. I've tried putting him out before and he comes back in, but that was the back door and I wasn't sure if he'd find his way back in this time. Family eventually left and I took a little box outside. Skinky was still sitting exactly where they had put him, and he let me scoop him into the box, he is very tame, and I brought him back indoors. He is happily back sunning himself under the heated light and eating the tiny bugs that fly around the indoor plants.

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  1. Awww...this story of Skinky is so sweet. It is heartwarming how kind you are to him.