Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's gone!


Time for a bit of a health update. I forgot to mention Monday's weight, it was 83.6 kg, I'm down to 82.7 now after four days of healthy eating so that is great. Mostly water weight but I don't care, it's gone!

Last night the plantar wart on my foot came off! Yay! Please please let that be all of it and not have it grow back. I'm not 100% sure, vinegar isn't kind to skin after weeks of constant applications, so I have what I hope is just some dead skin still hanging on. I'm left with a big crater in my foot, it's pretty raw and tender but I'm sure that will heal quickly. Very happy! In time for spring and the upcoming warmer weather.

Actually I didn't start the day off happy. Night sweats, weird vivid dreams, waking up with pelvic pain, I was tired and a bit sad this morning. Then we didn't have internet access for hours which was frustrating... I don't need internet to edit but I wanted to email Tim something he needed for the afternoon (he didn't get it in time) and I like to start the day with a cup of tea and a browse of my blogs and stuff. So I got a bit frustrated. And I didn't leave the house, which I think is bad for me. It was raining this morning, it cleared up in the afternoon but I still didn't go out. Anyway, I'm fine now and appreciating life again.

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