Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cold wet week


It's a cold wet week, I'll be staying inside where it is warm and dry. I'm making good progress on drafting an outline for book two. Tim is still reading book one, I want his feedback before I do my final polish on that. Then, oh my goodness, I will be looking for a publisher. I'll need to get working on the perfect query letter!

I did too much snacking this afternoon, putting me at the top of my calorie range, but I stuck to real food. Nuts, cheese, apple. Soup for lunch didn't seem enough and I was nibbling through to dinnertime.


  1. This is very exciting, Natalie! I'm happy to hear that you're so close to getting that first book out and even preparing an outline for the second. That is terrific.

    1. Exciting and scary... but there is no guarantee a publisher will be interested. I suppose I could self publish but it is very hard to market by yourself. Even if it is never published, I can be proud to say I have finally written a novel after wanting to since primary school!