Friday, August 26, 2016

Bump on the head


My daughter and husband leave for school/work before I crawl out of bed in the morning. By the time I sat down to breakfast today, after getting Aiden ready and off to his school, Jasmine had already been at her school for an hour. And then her school rang for me to come and pick her up. Apparently when the bell rang for her first class, she was hurrying to get there and hit her head on something metal (I'm still not sure what). She went to sick bay with a headache and waited for an hour before getting them to call me. She doesn't like missing school. But her head hurt too much to go to class.

She has a bump and a bit of a headache but otherwise seems ok, luckily. No dizziness or signs of concussion. She just sat and rested with her iPad at home. She was well enough this afternoon to come and do the grocery shopping with me. Scary when something happens to your child.

I noticed when walking around the shops that my foot is absolutely 100% pain free, which is so awesome. The new skin was tender yesterday but healed now. It feels so good to walk without that pebble in my shoe! I couldn't leave my daughter to go out for a walk today (and now it's raining again) but I certainly plan to be much more active. I could join the gym I suppose, but walking along the coast at Cronulla is a lot more appealing than a stinky gym. I am looking out my window at gloomy rain and yearning for fresh sea air and sunshine.

I know that soon I will forget to appreciate the absence of pain, but right now I am revelling in it.

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  1. I'm glad it all turned out well with your daughter. I've had experiences like that with my kids when they were young. They are indeed scary.