Saturday, August 27, 2016

New Plates!


We went on an extremely successful shopping trip today. We had eight presents to buy (Father's Day, birthdays, baby showers) and bought almost everything we needed and have ideas for the rest. And we also bought new dinner plates!

We've been using our wedding set since we were married, we chose a set to use not to store away! Nearly all the bowls and some of the plates were chipped after years of child carelessness, and the pattern had almost completely worn away. We now had chipped white plates, plus a few mismatched pieces from other random sets. I've been wanting new ones for a while but hadn't found ones I was completely happy with. So we decided as a family; the only thing I compromised on was that I'd been hoping to find something that had matching serving plates and bowls, and this set didn't. But I love them anyway.
They look a bit darker in the photos than they are in reality. They are aqua. They are from an Australian company called Ecology and are supposedly made in an environmentally friendly way.

I've kept the best of the old plates for when we have a lot of people over, and stored them away out of sight, the chipped ones have all gone in the bin. Oh that felt good!

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