Monday, August 15, 2016



My weight this morning was 83.2 kg, slightly down from last week.

I want to acknowledge how well I am feeling right now. It is "that time of the month" when, especially since this fibroid thing started, I often feel miserable and achy, and pain keeps me awake at night. But this month, apart from a little pelvic discomfort and backache, I feel fine. Happy, even. My sore foot, which for months had ranged from very painful to uncomfortable has, after a couple of weeks of vinegar treatment, settled into a range of uncomfortable to barely noticeable. The difference! I can walk without limping, with a brisk stride if I need to. Such a change from my cringing hobble. I still have to wear my supportive sneakers every day - I've tried other shoes, or slippers around the house, but they are much less comfortable - but I hope for continuing improvement.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 22 C, which should feel like spring (not really spring for a couple of weeks yet). I will be out and about it in!

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