Tuesday, September 20, 2016



I seem to be affected by the weather much more than I ever remember being - although maybe I just didn't notice before. On sunny days I am happy, on grey cloudy days I feel sad, lonely, and trapped. Perhaps because this is a particularly dark house with inadequate lighting, it is very gloomy on rainy days like today. Come on spring, get your act together! And I need an electrician.

I also feel a bit unsettled because I just found out something, by accident, about a close family member that I really feel they should have told me about. Because we are family, and because it is not about me but it does affect me. I'm going to need to bring up the subject with them. A bit awkward. I won't talk about it here because if they don't think it's my business, they certainly wouldn't think it was your business! I do respect their privacy, but as I say it does affect me and I need to talk to them about it.

... well I spoke to them and they thought they had already told me, were sure of it, so there you go.

I'm still going back and forth with the council and the pool builders about the big tree. Waiting for a final decision.

I just checked the weather report and it's clouds and rain for days. Blah. Maybe I need some kind of sun lamp.


  1. A sunlamp or a bright light in the room you work would definitely help. I find that my little corner at work is very very dark and I try and get up and go outside every couple of hours. Even in the winter, it's still brighter outside than in. I do find that when I leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark (Nov-Feb), I find that I am more irritable and easily frazzled. Taking Vitamin D in the winter helped me with that too.

    Glad you found out that you weren't being kept in the dark on purpose!

    1. Thanks Enz, we are planning to get some broken lights fixed and new ones fitted to replace the tiny things in our high ceilings that do squat. I am definitely thinking about a sun lamp thing since I spend so much time inside at home. I am Vitamin D deficient and I'm supposed to take tablets but mostly forget to!

  2. I finally found a fish-oil supplement which I don't burp up, so I've gotten in the habit of lining up my "stack" (Omega-3, D3, C, Zn, K, Mg, melatonin) each evening before bedtime. It seems to be helpful!